There are new speculations surrounding the new release date of the PlayStation 5!  In the 4th quarter of 2017, Sony already launched the new PlayStation 4 Pro. Which, was an exciting moment for all the PlayStation 4 experts, analysts and gamers. Because it introduced 4k Resolutions and drastic acceleration of the visual performance with improved hardware acceleration. Usually, it takes a while for a new console is launched by Sony. Therefore, the new release of the PlayStation 5 was expected at the end of 2019. But things have changed!


But when is the PS 5 coming out for real?

Even though we are still not sure about the exact release date. We expect that the Playstation 5 will be released in the 4th quarter of 2018. But how do we know this? What is our source? Well, this was mentioned by Damian Thong in the Wall Street Journal, a well-known financial analysist working for the Macquarie Capital Securities. If this name doesn’t ring any bells. He was the person who successfully predicted the release of the PlayStation 4 Slim and the PlayStation 4 Pro. It is still a rumor. But this is one of those rumors that has a lot of value and a high chance of being correct. Since the financial analyst hasn’t been wrong in its predictions so far.


Why an early release of the PS5?

The usual lifespan of the PlayStation is in between the 7 and 10 years. However, when we follow the Ps5 release rumors. This would break everything that we know so far. So, why would Sony do this? A good explanation is that Sony wants to stay competing with the release of the XBOX One X, also known as project Scorpio. Which is coming out in a few weeks from now. Since Microsoft has promised that this will be the most powerful console on the market. Sony might have been so smart to spread these rumors to make sure that the gamers postpone their purchase. And, wait for the PlayStation 5 to be released.


Are there counter rumors?

Obviously, one rumor is always counter predicted by another. Michael Pachter who is employed at Wedbush Securities believes that the new console will be released during the end of 2019. This is reasoned by the expectation that Sony will wait until 4K Televisions become more of the standard for gamers. Making it possible to exploit the additional 4K compatibility of the PS 5. However, the new Xbox also supports 4K. So is this really an unique selling point offered by Sony? Or is it more of a must have to compete in the market? I would expect the latter.


Does Sony support the release?

Until now Sony hasn’t supported any of the before mentioned arguments. It seems to be fairly quiet at the side of the PlayStation creators. This can be explained by astonishing sales numbers of the PlayStation 4 console. Which is the most sold console at this time. Even in the past, there hasn’t been a console that was sold as frequently as the PlayStation 4 right now. Therefore, it wouldn’t be reasonable for Sony to support these releases. Because it would backfire at the current sales. This idea is supported by Trustedreviews.

On the other hand, Microsoft claims that the Xbox One X  Scorpio Project has 40% more power than any of the competing consoles. Since it’s claimed by Microsoft, it is most likely the truth. This holds that the PlayStation 4 Pro becomes inferior once the Microsoft launches their new console. This could be the moment that Sony starts supporting the early release of the PlayStation 5!

ps 4 backwards compatibility

PS5 and backwards compatibility

It would be shame if the new console comes out and there is no backwards compatibility with the games released for the PlayStation 4 Pro and Slim. A lot of your money spend would go to future waste. However, according to Michael Pachter in his interview at GamingBolt. He expects that this issue will be addressed. Backwards compatibility with the PlayStation 4 Pro is expected to be supported in the new generation.

According to TrustedReviews, Sony has made a huge mistake with backwards-compatibility for games in the past. While Microsoft has been dedicated to make sure that the Xbox One was compatible with all previous games. A huge plus for this console. If it happens, that the PlayStation 5 doesn’t support backwards compatibility with the PlayStation 4 games. This might be a huge pitfull for the user base.


PlayStation 5 Specs

Since no definite information has been released. It is impossible to provide you with the exact Playstation 5 specs and hardware set-up. However, it is expected to be equal or exceed the specs of the Xbox One X:

Processor: Octacore 2.3 Ghz CPU


GPU: 40 units, 1172Mhz


Playstation 5 Pricing

There isn’t enough information available at this moment to calculate the exact price of the PlayStation 5. However, we do have important information about it competitor. The Xbox One X is now available for pre-order and can be purchased for $499.

Analysts expect the PlayStation 5 price to be close to the price of the competition. Therefore we expect the PS 5 price to be $499. And, for a safe margin we include an additional price increase of up to 100 dollars. Remember, that this is just an expectation.


Final remarks

In total, we have two conflicting theories supporting the new release date of the PS 5. But since Damian Thong is a valued financial analyst. The expectations are high that the PlayStation 5 will be released in the 4th Quarter of 2018. But we should keep in mind that nothing of this can be taken as the truth until Sony has made an official announcement. Moreover, things can get slowed down by delays in the development stage of the new generation PS 5 Console.

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