Every single PlayStation fan has been using the internet at least once to browse for ways to get Free PSN Codes. Finding a way would mean that you can purchase games in the PlayStation Store without actually spending your own money. However, most of the searches have ended up in bad results. Leading to bad websites that have no intention of providing you the PlayStation Card you deserve. I am talking about websites that let you fill in a survey just for the sake of making money on the survey itself.

Most people don’t know that there are actual methods to provide you Free PSN Codes. In a clean, safe and legal way. Today we will show you the first method we use to stock our own database with PSN Codes without the need to fill in surveys. If you don’t set this up in a real professional way, it won’t provide you with high value codes. But most likely you will be able to receive around $15 of credit each month. And, the great thing is that all the work is done for you. Using the bot called “Bingger”. There are multiple comparable bots around on the web. But I am sharing this one specifically, because it has showed the best results for me and our team! You can simply find it by typing in the search query: “Binnger bot Microsoft Bing Reards Bot” in Google. It is the first option that appears in your screen.

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How to get Free PSN Codes without human verification?

So now that you know the tool that we can use to get Free PSN Codes. You might be wondering how you should set this up. Therefore, we will provide you with all the information to set up this system for the minor rewards up to $15 worth of PlayStation credit. I just want to make sure that you know that this bot is working and undetectable by Bing. It doesn’t include a survey or human verification and the download is available for free!

  • To start off, you will have to install the application by filling in the search query in Google.
  • Download and install the Binnger Bot, if this doesn’t work for you “Gifthulk” is another option.
  • Once you have installed the bot it will show like the image below.
  • The bot is auto configured to work well for you. So you can leave the configurations as it is. However, if you do want to change the config or check whether it is set up to your liking, you can click on the Binnger icon. This will open the Resource folder. The settings can be found and adjusted in the robot.txt file.
  • Next, click on the accounts button and login with your Microsoft Email Account. These are mail addresses that contain the @hotmail or @outlook variations. It is recommended to create new accounts for the sake of using this bot. It has showed to be safe until now, but Bing might catch up with the method that is used. Don’t risk using your private account.
  • You can add multiple accounts to increase the amount of Bing reward points that are farmed for you ( In the next paragraph we will discuss how this works ). This is recommended because each account has a daily limit for the amount of points you can receive.
  • Remember, that Bing allows a maximum of three account for each computer. Therefore, you shouldn’t use more than this threshold on one single pc. If you do ignore the threshold, expect to lose your accounts!

About the bot

Free PSN Codes bingger bot

The Bing Reward system was developed by Microsoft to encourage the use of the search engine. We all know that Bing isn’t half the search engine that Google offers. Therefore, they are motivating people to use the Bing Search Engine by giving out free gift cards in all sorts and kinds. It works as follows: “You will receive Bing reward points for every completed search”. With a limit of approximately 30 searches a day. By saving up these points you can redeem all kind of pretty and free rewards. However, today we are simply talking about the Free PSN Codes. But, it is applicable on multiple other gift cards. For example, PlayStation Plus Codes are also included.

Obviously, you don’t want to insert all these thirty searches into the search engine of Bing every single day. It just sounds like too much work for the PSN Code you will receive. Therefore, we elaborated on the Binnger bot above. This bot will automatically process all the searches for you day by day. Saving up the points so you can get your well-deserved Free PSN Code!

Because the reward system is created by Microsoft. You will receive your PlayStation Network codes from a trusted and valued company. Who can’t afford to scam you. Thus, you will definitely receive your reward! If you have any issues with the implementation you can post your questions in the comments below. We will try to answer as soon as possible!

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