Many PlayStation users have been wondering how to change their PlayStation Network username. In the past, configuring the feature to modify the username has been a story of hassle and troubles. The developers of the PlayStation have always mentioned that it was way more difficult to implement than people expect. But the ties have changed. It will become available in 2018!

This long awaited feature will finally enable dedicated PSN users like you and me to change our username. The PlayStation username is automatically converted into your gaming alias. Therefore, some people are looking to change their name. Because, sometimes you don’t want to carry the same name in a game as the username you are using to log in to the account. Whether the developers will separate between a log in username and another in-game alias that can be switched is unclear. This said, it will become possible to change your PlayStation username somewhere around the start of 2018.


Fact check on the PSN username/ID modification

According to Shawn Layden, the executive of the American department of Sony the launch of this highly valued and expected feature will go live somewhere next year. Obviously, it is December at this moment. And therefore the next year will already start in a few days. So when is the release really expected? Unfortunately the exact date isn’t available because the information simply hasn’t been shared to the crowd yet. Still, we expect it to go live somewhere in the first quarter of 2018. Even though this is just a feeling. So don’t pin me down on it.

Even though this issue has been chasing Shawn Layden for a while. He was mostly joking around a definitive answer. When he was asked about the availability of this feature at the last conference in 2017. He mentioned that the elves on the north pool were looking into the issue to solve. Even though this is a fine piece of humor. We can deduct that at this moment the developers of the PlayStation weren’t in an ending stage of solving the issue.

However, since he has mentioned that the PlayStation ID name change will be available somewhere next year. Holds that the development stage of this new feature has reached it’s ending stage. Because, in the land of developers. You are not talking about a release unless the final stage is nearing.


Why is it so difficult to change the PSN ID?

When the executive was interviewed he stated that “the problem is more complex than you think”. Obviously, the real issue that lays underneath is only known by the developers of the PlayStation themselves. But most likely the PSN ID is used on the coding the align your account to several features connected to it. When the PSN ID is modified it will end up in an invalid requests in the code. Because your PSN ID won’t be recognized by the system anymore. Turning our in a loss of all your saved games, downloaded games and everything that was connected to your account before. Since the system has so many different ID’s placed on so many different pages. They should all be converted to another fixed ID. With a that has a changing value. Which would be the option to change your username. Just a little piece of knowledge to understand the underlying issue that must be solved.

Since 2015 PlayStation has been certainly aware of the demand for PlayStation Network Username changes. Shuhei Yoshida mentioned back in 2015 that he is informed about the fact that many users are looking for the feature. And, that the engineers were set to look into it. At this time it was still the question where it could possibly be implemented without having any errors.


Will I have to pay to change my PSN ID?

SONY PlayStation hasn’t confirmed whether the ID change will be a paid feature or if it will be available for free. But let’s follow some logic reasoning. This issue has been a real pain for SONY to solve. The only reason they are putting the hard work into changing it, is because the demand for this product is high. Many developers have been working on it. And, developer are expensive. This will probably hold that the PSN ID can be changed for a payment. Which, is really easy to implement for SONY since the online payment system is already active. They can simply add it. Thus, if you hate your PlayStation username and can’t wait to change it. Make sure to expect a small payment to be made for it. However, you can get free psn codes on the web they make up for this small loss.


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