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Do you need a PSN Code generator that allows you to generate real Free PSN Codes that work in 2019 and 2020? Don’t look any further. You’ve found it. Generate your Free PSN code by clicking the button below!

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How to generate Free PSN Codes with the Generator?

It is really simple to generate Free PSN Cards with the Free PSN Code Generator. You can accomplish it by completing four simple steps:


  1. Access the generator by clicking on the button
  2. Select the card you would like to receive
  3. Activate the generator by clicking “start”
  4. Copy your Free PSN code and add it to your PlayStation Wallet.
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Why use our PSN Code Generator?

There are a number of reasons why you should choose the PSN Code generator from First of all, we have no human-verification and no survey is required to get access to your PSN card code for free. Moreover, you can select the value of the PSN card yourself. You can only get one Free PSN code each 6 months! Our system only uses fresh unused PSN Codes. However, if it happens that your Free PSN card code isn’t working. Please, send us a message. Learn more about PSN.

Real and working

With our generator you will only receive real Free PSN Card Codes that work. You can choose between $10, $20 and a $50 code. 


No download

Instead of other PSN Code generators that require a download. Our tool is hosted in the cloud. This holds that no download is required. 


The generator is safe

Our tool only produces high quality cards that were manually added to our Free PSN Codes list. These are real cards purchased from authorized dealers. 

Which Free PlayStation Codes do we have to offer?

Our generator isn’t limited to just offering a PSN Gift Card free, we also offer Free PS Plus Codes. Since we know that you would rather get 1 year of PlayStation Plus we didn’t add the 1 month and 3 month code.

Free PSN Codes
$50 Free PSN Card
Free PlayStation Plus Codes

Amount of codes generated

Available countries

PSN Money Provided

What are PSN Codes?

PSN Codes stand for PlayStation Network Codes and function as an online payment method. The code holds a value of either $10, $20 or $50 and is used to add balance to your PlayStation Wallet.

If you want to purchase games, expansions packs or complete micro transactions within games. You can’t pay with cash. Instead you should use a credit card to complete an online transaction. Or you simply use the Free PSN Money Codes. 

Since not everybody has access to a credit card, Sony developed the PSN Code to make sure that cash can be converted into Free PSN Money. Many people confuse the PlayStation Network code with the PlayStation Plus code.

However, both codes serve a completely different purpose. As a PSN card is used to purchase games, PlayStation Plus is used to get access to the multiplayer mode. This includes things like:

  • Multiplayer
  • Discounts on games
  • Entertainment apps
  • Social sharing and party chat
  • Monthly free games


PSN Codes

How are we able to provide Free PSN Codes that work?

It’s a given that we only provide a Free PSN Card Code that work. The reasoning behind this is that we purchase the codes in physical stores and from authorized dealers. But why are we doing this and how is this possible?

The simple answer to this question is: We are getting money from advertising partners. The money we receive from our sponsors is converted into PlayStation Codes, which are delivered to our users.

You can redeem it for Free PSN Credit. Furthermore, we also receive money from parties who share our vision.

Our vision: “Everyone should be able to play games and do the things they love in their free time”. This also includes playing games online with their friends.

The world is full of people who have a lot of money. They are donating us money to make all of this possible. The combination of sponsors and advertisers allows us to do what we do! 

PS4 Console for PSN

How does the PSN Generator deal with different countries?

The PSN Card Generator has a system build in that recognizes from which country you origin. Thus, we highly recommend you to not use a VPN while activating the generator.

If you hide your IP address or conceal it with the IP from another country, you might end up with a Free PS4 Gift Card codes that origins from another country or area in the world.

Moreover, we allow people from all countries in the world to use the PS4 gift card generator. Sometimes it happens though that we don’t have a Free PlayStation Gift Cards for your specific country. This happens more frequently for Asian countries and countries like Brazil.

We have a hard time getting budget from advertisers in these countries. However, the generator will identify whether the card is available or not. We often have Free PSN Gift cards available for countries like:

  • United Kingdom (UK)
  • United States (US)
  • Canada, Australia
  • Netherlands
  • other western countries

Is the generator safe to use?

The simple answer to this question is yes. The generator is definitely safe to use. Because the codes are legit Free PSN Cards that are used by every single person who uses the PlayStation Network.

Your account bears no risk using the Free PlayStation Store Codes received from our tool. Moreover, the codes aren’t only compatible with the PS4 but also with the PS3, PSP and the PS Vita.

Is there an expiration date?

It is important to realize, that the codes we deliver have an expiration date set by Sony. If you don’t redeem the code within 5 years the code will expire and you can’t use it anymore.

Personally, I don’t this this will cause any problems. Since we aren’t here to wait 5 years before we spend the Free PSN Credit or PlayStation Plus subscription we just received. Everyone will use the code as soon they receive it. But we just want you to be will informed.

PlayStation Plus

About PSNspace

In a way we are people just like you, people who love playing games on the PlayStation with friends. It all started when we recognized that some of our friends couldn’t participate in multiplayer games with us.

Because they didn’t have enough PSN money to purchase the game or the online subscription. Obviously, we wanted them to join so we purchased everything the needed for them. Then we figured that there must be many other people who can’t afford PSN Codes.

For this reason, we developed this website. We are the middleman between people who donate, advertisers and more. To make sure that everybody is able to get Free PSN.

Get in contact

Did you get a code that didn’t work, or would you like to get in contact for something else? Please, contact us with the form below.

Now don’t wait any longer and use our real and working PSN Code Generator to generate Free PSN Codes that work in 2019 and 2020!

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