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Free PlayStation Network Codes seem to be harder to get today than ever before. Multiple website are scamming people, by claiming to offer codes for the PlayStation for free. But in the end, you won’t receive a single thing. Isn’t there still a place where the promised is delivered? Where you can get free psn codes without all the pop-ups and potential malware risks? A safe space where you can get Playstation Network Codes on the fly? We say yes, PSN SPACE!



All the sweet stuff that comes with our generator! Updated for January 2018.

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You can select a $10, $20 or $50 PSN Code. Or, 1 Year Ps Plus.

PlayStation Network Codes, The Legit way!

Welcome to PSNSPACE. The quality provider of online free psn codes. We are experienced in the business of gift card distribution. And we know that in order to get loyal visitors, we need to deliver the promised. This website contains adds, that provide an income. In return, we purchase the playstation store codes with our own budget. And, give them back the to our visitors! Just to make sure, our adds are no awkward, annoying, head breaking pop-ups. It’s fair practice, to make sure that we have enough funds to stock our codes for the Playstation Store. We are a one of kind! uncomparable with the rest of the market!

On this website it is only possible to receive one code each year. Thus, if you’d like to earn multiple more codes for the PlayStation Network on the long-term. It is recommended to join one of the reward systems online. On these systems you can create your own personal account and acquire Reward Points over time to exchange them for codes for the PlayStation Network. PrimePrizes is one of the system that we recommend. We know that many people have been able to receive additional free psn codes the same day they signed up. So if you want some free extras we recommend you to create an account.

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What is Free Playstation Plus?

In order to play your Playstation games online or in multiplayer mode. It is required to have an active playstation plus subscription. This can be done by redeeming a playstation plus code in the Store. Places where you can purchase are: regular retail gaming stores, gas stations, or online giftcard shops like GameStop. Usually, the cards hold a value of 1, 3 or 12 months. This will unlock free monthly games, exclusive discounts on games and unlimited multiplayer mode. Here, you have the option to select a 1 year months playstation plus code with a value of $49,99. By adding this code to your account you will profit from free playstation plus for the upcoming 12 months. You might be wondering if you really need a premium subscription. Since, there is also a free license. However, this license only offers limited features like entertainment apps, social share functions, web browsing and party chat. In order to profit the most, you need a premium license.

Playstation Plus Codes
free psn codes

What Are Playstation Store Codes

Playstation Store codes are used as a payment method by Sony. The codes can be purchased in regular gaming shops and are used to top up your Playstation wallet. It will add funds to your account and this will allow you to purchase Playstation games, expansions, movies etc. It is a viable substitute for people who can’t complete online payments with PayPal, Creditcard or Payoneer. And allows the conversion of cash into Playstation credit. It is compatible with the following devices for purchases: Playstation 4, PS3, PS Vita, PS TV and the PSP. Remember, that if you do an online purchase with a Playstation Store code, you will never lose your game. It will be added to your account until inifity and can be used on two different consoles!

Free and available in 60% of all countries so far

Never, will we ask for any specific private information, bank accounts or any other payment details. Because, our generator is 100% free. We are a one of a kind service that is distributing codes for the Playstation all over the world. Helping people out who can’t afford a PSN code. Obviously, everyone should be doing the things in live that we love most. And, we are just making sure that this can be done. Therefore, we rolled out our generator to 97 different countries all over the world. This is around 60% of all the countries on this planet. Thus, there is a high chance that we are available in your country. Obviously, we are available for the Western and developed countries like United States, United Kindom, Canada, Australia, The Netherlands and more. If you want to check availibity in your country. Please Continue, and you will automatically be notified whether we are available in your region.


Customer Reviews, How are we rated by our users?

At first, I received a code that wasn’t valid. After contacting the website owner in the contact form below. He mentioned that it could take a few days before the stock codes in the database would receive an update. He notified me when the update happened and I still received a code join the Playstation Network. Now I’m just going to play multiplayer game on my Playstation for the coming days!

written by: Oscar Dolvung | 09-25-2017

PSNSPACE is absolutely worth your time! The generator is smooth, fast and reliable. I have visited many other websites on the web. But they are all terrible. They promise you a lot and than you end up in an ever lasting survey. I love this how there was no human verification required in this tool. There was a fair add at the end and the code was mine.

written by: Michael Johnson | 09-30-2017

Awesome tool! Even though I am always skeptical when I search for new stuff on the web. I was convinced to try this tool out to get a code for my Playstation Account. Usually I don’t do this kind of things since I don’t trust them. But, I was actually suprised about the immense speed in which i was able to redeem my code. I’m a happy user and $50 PS Credit richer! Thanks man

Written by: Will Upton | 10-10-2017

Finally a working method for the PS! A friend of mine told me that he used PSNSPACE to get a PSN Code. Obviously, I thought he was joking around with me. Hiping me up for nothing. But this is indeed working in the United States. I don’t know about the other regions for sure because I didn’t check. But it all seemed fine to me.

written by: Emery Kandell | 15-10-2017

This is a fancy state of the art generator if you’d ask me. The fun thing is that you actually see the code being generated right in front of you. So you don’t have to complete a set of unpleasent pop-ups. It is simply there for you to take!

written by: Travis Nikolas

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PSN Codes Generator High Rated by our users!

We are loyal to our users. And, our users our loyal to us! Atleast that’s the intention we are trying to create. Instead of promising quality, we make sure it is delivered. In total, we received over a hundred positive reactions of people. And our service is widely carried and shared all over the social media. Don’t believe it? Have a look at our Facebook and Instagram. If you are still doubting about the credibility, you can see the comments with your own eyes in the testimonials tab!


This free PSN codes generator is available for anyone who can’t afford to pay for Playstation Products and licenses. Your have the option for Playstation Plus and Playstation Store codes. Now a day, there are still a lot of persons who can’t afford to buy an online subscription or new games. This is not fair. Therefore, we developed this set-up where we acquire funds, by allowing 3rd party GPT websites. And use these funds to restock our codes when it’s made financially possible. Moreover, for those who have some additional time. We provide other Working Methods in our blogs to save up for more PSN codes for free! We also, use these methods ourselves to stock the codes in our database! Some advanced methods, so make sure to read it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We listed the most frequently asked questions by our users

Are their any risks involved?
No definitely not. The codes are equal to a regular psn code that is purchased in a retail store. And can be used without any risk of bans or suspensions! The only difference is that ours is free!
How long does it take?
Usually it takes around two to three minutes to complete. Obviously, you will have to redeem the code afterwards.
Which value do the cards hold?
We provide PSN Cards with a value of $10, $20 and $50. Additionally, you can select a Playstation Plus Card for 12 months!
What is the difference between Plus and PSN?
Playstation Plus provides you access to the online gameplay. While PSN cards are used to purchase games, expansions and more in the Store.
How to redeem a Playstation Code?
Log in to your account on the PlayStation and go to the Store. Here, you search for “Redeem Codes” and click on it. Enter your 12 digit code and select “continue”. Now, you are done!

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